Little Nana’s Knitting. x


February 3, 2012 by Folly Bloom

Little Nana's knitting.

Little Nana's knitting, little yellow Easter chick.

The Spring sunshine is peeping through today yet the ground is still hard with frost. This is a lovely time of year but I also can see the sun picking up all our dusty surfaces!  This has lead to a burst, (slight burst) on the Spring cleaning.

Whilst dodging the dust, polish and the hoover I save my studio space as my evening treat…….

Without really thinking about it have a special window sill in my studio with some of my special mementoes. My very special yellow, knitted chick is in my heart every day.  Our Little Nana was a fantastic knitter and kept herself busy knitting all the babies and children jumpers, the family favourite’s where the bobble jumper and fish jumper.

A few of us family members have the little yellow chick and I like to think she is keeping an eye on all my crafting and part of my work which I know she would have loved.  Gosh I miss our ‘kit kat’ Little Nana. x


One thought on “Little Nana’s Knitting. x

  1. paddyclifford says:

    Adorable. So cute x

Folly Bloom loves your lovely comments, thanks for popping by. x

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