Pimp my pond.


February 29, 2012 by Folly Bloom


Handsome Kermit! x

As I have cabin fever from caring for all our poorly cherubs (now nearly all better, phew) I have been so grateful to a few lovely Spring days.  The sun has shone, the washing has blown and the garden is waking up.

After many trips to the recycle bins I stumbled across our pond.  It is a bit of a sorrow sight this time of year and I am relishing the Spring tidy up to find all the new growth. We seem to have three surviving fish which is a bonus for this house as the heron ate the last lot for breakfast.

Amongst the end of the fallen leaves on the pond is a haven for all the frogs speed dating.  The frogs are all very busy doing what nature does best yet my concern is a tidy up before the layer of frog spawn arrives. Plip plop as they all jump about.

If all frogs looked like Kermit I would be cool with this but they are just the common garden brown ones!

I like frogs if they are ‘over there’ but not when jumping across my garden Crocs… ewww

Crocs with accessories

4 thoughts on “Pimp my pond.

  1. Emma. You are an absolute inspiration. Besides being the ideal mother you have produced this excellent page on ‘wordpress’. How you continue to be so creative when dealing with the sick and needy beats me! When you emerge from the sickroom and change from being Florence Nightingale back to Mrs. Busy, please have a scan around for Ruby’s violin. If you can’t find it then we’ll give her another and assume that it has been reabsorbed back into the Fosbrook machine. Love to all the plague victims. Will leave all Fosbrook communications in a tray on vinegar on your doorstep.

    • Folly Bloom says:

      Thank you loads Liza for you kind words.

      All our poorly people are nearly all good! As for Ruby’s violin I had labelled this one up so feel it should be somewhere at school. Will double, double, double check here though.
      I look forward to some tidyhousemusings!!

  2. Claire New says:

    I to was smiling at the sunshine. When the little ones were napping I went out into the garden and found my myself having a cheeky session on the trampoline. I love Springtime, which reminds me I need to replace my daffodils.

    I’m glad your little ones are getting better, mine are just about over their colds now.
    Back to normality!

    • Folly Bloom says:

      Thank you Claire.
      A cheeky session on the trampoline sounds so very energetic!
      Hope your daff’s have time to come through………
      Enjoy the sunshine. x

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Orange Owl Cosy £12.00 Felt and bead phone case

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