Daughter to Stain Devil.


March 28, 2012 by Folly Bloom

Wash Day Dream!

Wash Day Dream!

As we have four cherubs we understand how very individual they all are in their own lovely ways.

Big daughter is a book/kindle worm. Big handsome boy is Lego king.  Middle girl Ruby is gentle and thoughtful. Babe Florence is our Goldilocks.

With this in mind roll on summer and good times in the garden

This means day 3 of summer school dresses, pretty white socks, blue hair bows and our lovely summery little girls.

But I have already purchased another 4 school dresses.

‘Hand me downs’ for Ruby and ‘hand me, hand me downs’ for Florence have all been used by day 3!

We can get a few days out of winter grey uniform with a swift baby wipe on a blob  and all is good. This is not the case with summer dresses.

Ruby is a tidy poppet and her dresses last but Flo is a different ball game. As a pre-school-er she only does a morning but you would think she has been away on camp for a week when I collect her. I am totally cool with all the fun activities they do at nursery but think that Flo does them with lots of enthusiasm.

School paint is made of tough stuff and school glue is made of even tougher stuff…….

As a result my washing machine has been doing its stuff most evenings and as a cry for help I have to admit defeat and purchase new dresses. I think we might have to donate Flo to the science of stain removal……as she is fully qualified for this role!

Well wish me luck with the new dresses and my washing machine and if the RSPCC are reading this we wont really sell her to Stain Devil!!

Have good clean fun peeps.



2 thoughts on “Daughter to Stain Devil.

  1. Patch says:

    I think my Big J could join her! They have been allowed to play on the field so every day his shirt and trousers are covered with mud and or grass stains. He hasn’t been wearing shorts because we need to get new ones but washing his knees might be cheaper!!

    • Folly Bloom says:

      Hi Patch,
      Phew glad it’s not just this house, the children are so happy to play on the school field here too. Good old soap & water & scrubbing knees is fair more successful than washing frocks!!

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Orange Owl Cosy £12.00 Felt and bead phone case

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