Blogger’s need you…..tea please.


April 17, 2012 by Folly Bloom

A good cuppa!

A 'give up sugar' challenge.........x

My days here at Folly Bloom are fuelled by tea and lots of it.  It’s habit forming , it’s comforting, it’s warming and it’s classic UK behaviour and I love it.

As this category is new and most of us start the day with coffee or tea I thought this was the ‘real’ place to start.

What do you start the day with?

I am sure a tea testing workshop would be fab to go on, if not a bit messy, but I would love to hear your favourite brands and types of tea please, posh & real???!

There are lots of rituals out there for making the perfect cuppa and I find it hard to believe in a busy world we all have time to warm teapots, settle and strain unless on a calm Sunday morning.

Try drinking tea without sugar for a fortnight and it is very unlikely that you will ever want to ruin your tea by sweetening it again. Ok even I will try this……… Mrs One Sugar!

As someone who has tried lots of store-bought teas I  have a secret, cheap, Fair-trade type of cuppa to share later……..x

Off to brew up. Anyone for a cuppa no sugar??!

Love & tea.

Ps, our kettle died last Christmas Eve and this was nearly an epic disaster in this house but was saved by a last minute dash to the store! Panic over. x


8 thoughts on “Blogger’s need you…..tea please.

  1. threadscornwall says:

    Cornish Tregothnan tea is lovely. Picked and prepared locally. Other than that, I love Clipper tea. . . I drink buckets of it. . . Black, no sugar .

  2. DigForTea says:

    I have a Ringtons lady who delivers tea to my door every 4 weeks 🙂 I like the Kenyan Gold best, as it’s the strongest, but I currently also have some bags of Royal Kenyan Blend to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. I mostly use tea bags, but also do love tea leaves, especially Assam, as I like that weak and black.

  3. Ooohbetty says:

    I want that mug! X

  4. Patch says:

    I start the day with tea before breakfast (one teabag in the teapot shared with DH), have coffee mid morning then tea in afternoon. In London we bought fairtraid stuff, up here we fittingly buy Yorkshire Tea (tried it in London but didn’t like it) and in a frugal Yorkshire way with only one teabag in the pot. I do believe the water affects it, especially London water. And a teabag each in the cup makes it too strong. So if you’re putting the kettle on… Mines white no sugar please 😉

Folly Bloom loves your lovely comments, thanks for popping by. x

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