Pincushion heaven.


June 6, 2012 by Folly Bloom

Pincushion swap 2012

Pincushion swap 2012

In between cup cakes and ironing I have completed my ‘pincushion swap’ and when the postal service returns to normal after the weekend events it will be off to my lovely lady in New Zealand.  I can not show you the full contents just in case she peeps…shush…!  A message from my new pincushion friend is that mine is ready for post but she has been snowed in…flip…. and here is us Brits moaning about the rain!

So I have been in pincushion heaven and created new designs, coming soon, and it has been a joy to play with fabric, embroidery, lace and french knots.

The nation is putting away the bunting now and the papers are now discussing who wore what because we must have run out of more pressing matters to discuss!

My take on this is that I thought the Kate Middleton looked a stunning, elegant and polished.  With both looks she proves that she can wear just about anything from ball gowns to day dresses and look so elegant. High 5 Kate!

Kate Middleton. Diamond Jubilee 2012

Kate Middleton. Diamond Jubilee 2012

Love & pincushion love.




6 thoughts on “Pincushion heaven.

  1. Tartankiwi says:

    Ooh, can’t wait for it to arrive.
    Six days into Winter and we get this- it doesn’t bode well for the rest of winter does it?!? The snow is melting today but the roads are pretty icy and treacherous. Fingers crossed I’ll make it to the post office tomorrow!

  2. Patch says:

    She does look elegant and polished… But possibly about 50, not whatever her real age is!! Poor girl.
    Looking forward to seeing your pincushions.

  3. so sweet of you to use UK jubilee theme for your swap partner x

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Orange Owl Cosy £12.00 Felt and bead phone case

Orange Owl Cosy £12.00 Felt and bead phone case


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