Made by me Monday.


July 2, 2012 by Folly Bloom

Made by me Monday.

Little peeps at my makes through the weeks.

Made by me Monday is a coming together of exciting little peeps of what Folly Bloom has been up too.

Making missions, silky stitching,  felting forms,  eclectic embroidery,  fabric hording, tea and cake!

This make has been a secret one for my lovely lady from the blog land of swaps, it’s been fun and I too received a super swap.

Pincushion Bottom. x

Pincushion Bottom. x

Folly Bloom can never have enough pincushions on the go, one for pins, one for chunky needles, one for fine needles and more, you get the idea!

Sew Pincushion

Sew Pincushion £4.99 inc UK p&p.

I love the shapes of hearts too and turning that upside down you get a voluptuous bottom, which then of course needs a frilly pair of knickers on and then can be hung proudly from your sewing machine and you can ‘ekk’ every time you stick a pin in!

Frilly Folly Bloom

Frilly Folly Bloom, handmade details.

Lots more handmade pincushion bottoms coming soon each with their own unique frilly knickers.

Folly Bloom secret.

A Folly Bloom secret.

Love & tea,




5 thoughts on “Made by me Monday.

  1. Really fun! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Tartankiwi says:

    Thank you so much! I love my frilly folly bloom- it sits proudly next to my sewing machine.

  3. Patch says:

    Love your bottom (Oooo eeerrrrr Missis!), especially it’s frilly knickers. Fantastic :D.

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Orange Owl Cosy £12.00 Felt and bead phone case

Orange Owl Cosy £12.00 Felt and bead phone case

Orange Owl Cosy £12.00 Felt and bead phone case


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