Christmas thoughts 2012.


October 4, 2012 by Folly Bloom


A Handmade Christmas

A Handmade Christmas at Folly Bloom.

I had to say the ‘C’ word, Christmas! It has been popping up everywhere.

I have seen reindeer’s on knitwear and would love one.  All things scarf related are coming out of the wardrobe on these brisk Autumn mornings. Lots of sewing of Christmas fabrics and all things opulent are being made.  So it only means one thing that Christmas is on its way! Yippeeee.

We 'do' Christmas.

We ‘do’ Christmas.

So here’s to lots of handmade loveliness been made and given as gifts to our friends and loved ones.  Watch out Mr Folly you’ll be getting handmade Christmas chutney!

Love and snowy thoughts,

Emma. x



2 thoughts on “Christmas thoughts 2012.

  1. […] Christmas thoughts 2012. ( […]

  2. Patch says:

    Sssshhhh! Haven’t started thinking about it yet!!

Folly Bloom loves your lovely comments, thanks for popping by. x

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Orange Owl Cosy £12.00 Felt and bead phone case

Orange Owl Cosy £12.00 Felt and bead phone case

Orange Owl Cosy £12.00 Felt and bead phone case


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